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    Contract to hire roles provide a simple try before you buy solution

    We understand that sometimes there is uncertainty about the role or level of experience needed. Maybe the candidate needs to demonstrate a certain level of performance in the position before an offer is made. That is one of the many benefits of a contract to hire option. Here are some others that impact time and cost to consider as well:

    Trial Period

    The benefit of contract to hire roles is the trial period. Which gives you an opportunity to try out a candidate in a role prior to making a commitment.

    Low Risk

    Maybe the fit isn't right or level of expertise is lacking. No problem, you are able to acquire another resource and no added expense.

    Budget Friendly

    Pay & benefits are always a key part of the hiring decision. Contract to high roles are typically very cost effective and cheaper than starting off with a full-time employee.

    No Commitment

    If the need changes during the contract period there are no obligations to keep the employee staffed. You simply terminate the contract with the employee.

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